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approach that will ever help your dog reach their highest potential, just as there is no “one tool fits all” approach that will help you understand how to communicate with your dog.

At Proven K9 Training, we recognize that not every person or dog learns the same; while our programs look very generic from the outside, our approach is tailored to YOUR DOG. Our first step is to build a bond and reward history with your dog, by doing so we are able to find your dog’s highest motivator as well as find out where they are with what they know; giving us the ability to build from the work you have already done! 

While breeding plays a significant role in the makeup of your dog, it is not their identity!   Understanding basic animal behavior will only take you so far, as dog trainers we need to know the dog that is in front of us. Our Proven Trainers take the time to get to know your dog, and your training goals; in order to best devise a training plan that fits your family.  This plan is like a living document that changes as we get to know your dog better and discover new things about your dog. Your dog wants to communicate with you, we will show you how to do that at the highest level possible for the program your dog is enrolled in. Not every program is suitable for every dog, and not every program will fit every family dynamic. Our Proven Trained staff will gather information about your dog and your training goals, then recommend a training program to help you obtain those goals WITH YOUR dog. 

 Since there is no Nationally Accredited Certification for dog training, our Proven Trainers obtain Certification through a very intensive apprenticeship program, designed and taught by our Proven Leaders. This course is designed to teach our Proven Trainers how to approach not only training the dogs they work with, but also how to teach the family in the most effective manner. Your dog’s success after training is contingent on how well you understand your dog and the training you receive.

Proven K9 Training is a science based, balanced training company.  We utilize classical conditioning as well as operant conditioning, always working at the lightest level possible.  We believe that you cannot correct a dog that does not understand what you are asking, so we must first build that understanding.  Setting boundaries, and implementing structure into a dog’s routine help us accomplish this understanding at a higher level.  We implement a variant reward system as quickly as possible, so that your dog is not treat dependent. 

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