Dog Boarding & Training for Our Clients

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We'd love to have your dog as our guest!

When you choose Proven K9 Training, you gain access to our boarding! We board for our clients only, for a discounted rate. When your dog boards with us, we will maintain manners and obedience and take your dog for a short structured walk daily, providing a mini refresher any time your dog stays with us! We will board all dogs in the home, without aggressive behaviors, for the same rate; as our thank you for continuing to trust our Proven K9 team!

Boarding dogs do not receive training at the same level as dogs that are enrolled in Board and Train Programs.  While we can typically address minor issues while your dog is boarding, some issues require more intensive training either through a Private Lesson, utilizing your Lifetime Support, or a Board and Train Program. 


Are you interested in getting your dog professionally trained?

Disclaimer:  Dogs that are deemed aggressive will not be allowed to board with Proven K9 Training without first completing our Behavior modification program.  Boarding without training is NOT the appropriate approach to work through behavioral problems. 

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