Deaf Dog Training

Your Path To Training Success

Deaf dogs are not harder to train, just a bit different. Deaf puppies and dogs learn the same as hearing pups and dogs. You and your pup or dog just need some help to get on the same page. Even if a dog is older and/or is losing his hearing – we have found that they can adapt well to their environment, especially with help from a loving owner.

Deaf dogs hold a special place in our hearts as we know they struggle to figure things out that other dogs just seem to pick up on. We want to bridge that gap, while helping your dog gain some freedom, independence, and give you ways to communicate with your dog.  Our 4 week ECollar Board and Train program gives your trainer the time necessary to build confidence, communication, boundaries, obedience, impulse control, and  general understanding of the world that will help your dog navigate the world peacefully and confidently. 


Are you interested in getting your dog professionally trained?


When you choose one of our Board and Train programs, you receive Lifetime Support! Our Lifetime support means for the rest of your dog’s life, as long as you have your dog, we are available for any struggles you may have! One of our staff will walk you through addressing any struggle immediately, and offer to schedule a video call or private lesson with your trainer! This is all at no extra cost to you!

Enrolling in any of our Basic or Advanced Training Programs gains access to our boarding! When your dog boards with us we will maintain manners and obedience, and take your dog for a short structured walk daily; in turn providing a mini refresher any time your dog stays with us!


During Our Board and Train Programs, your dog will learn; sit, down, stay, go-to place, leave it command, come on command, door manners, food manners, crate training, and heeling on a leash. Your dog will learn how to greet people and be around other dogs while maintaining obedience and manners, and keeping focus on you. Your dog will have a socialization period, working on manners and obedience in multiple environments, levels of distractions and excitement.

We have several ways that we approach your instruction. While your dog is with us, you will receive periodic emails from your trainer.  These emails will give you an update on your dog, and let you know how your dog is progressing through training, as well as share training information and tips with you.

During the second week of training moving forward, we will schedule an hour and a half per week for you and your family to come in; you will get to see everything you have been reading in your update emails, get some time loving on your dog, as well as practice working together!  

Once your dog has completed training, your trainer will give you and your family a 3-4 hour class, teaching you how to use your dog’s training and how to implement your dog’s training into your daily life, as well as teach you how to continue working with your dog. You are welcome to record any and all training sessions with your trainer, in order to be able to refer back to instructions when needed.

No! Many of our families do not attend these classes. However, these classes help your trainer to identify anything that may be a struggle at home for your dog and your family, as well as helps you and your family understand the information you have received during the training period. As an alternative, your trainer can schedule a video call with you!
Yes! Not completing the class on the last day of training will revoke your Lifetime Support. In order for your dog to be successful at home, it is imperative that you learn how to utilize your dog’s training.
We require updated vaccinations, a regular flat collar that fits properly, and food for the duration of your dog’s stay.
Your trainer will include pictures of your dog in training in your update emails, and we will post more pictures and videos on our social media pages! Your dog will not forget you! As a matter of fact, we will utilize you to teach your dog that regardless of the level of excitement or distractions, they must maintain their manners and obedience!
The E Collar itself is similar to a tens unit that you may have used at a chiropractor or during physical therapy. Since we believe in training dogs at the lightest level possible, your dog learns the commands without the collar first ensuring he has a solid understanding of each command and desired behavior. We then use the E Collar to help refine each of the listed commands.
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