Dog Group Training Classes

Group classes are fun for all!

Group training is fun for bonding with your dog as well as making new friends. We have two levels of group classes (Intermediate and Advanced).

Intermediate is a great start to instilling commands into your dog. This set up for you to learn while one of our trainers show the entire class how to teach their dogs the command of the week. You will gain a lot of great knowledge while enjoying time with your dog.

Advanced is a chance to really sharpen your and your dog’s skills. You will get to really grow as a handler and trainer for your dog. Select handlers from the advanced class are chosen to help guide other students in the intermediate class while being offered a discount on advance classes.

**Group Classes Are Not Available At All Locations**


Are you interested in getting your dog professionally trained?


Group dog training at Proven Dog Training is a specialized class in which you and your dog interact with other “dog teams” while also learning advanced behaviors. Before you are able to participate in our group dog training class, you must first have successfully completed our obedience training class.

You and your dog are considered a “dog team” during our daily group training class. We believe that this is a second level of dog training since you must have successfully passed the obedience training class. The group classes are continuing education for you and your dog, and they are a great way to safely work with your dog in a much different situation.

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