Proven K9 Training wants to help you and your dog understand how to live together in a cohesive environment. We will take the time to show your dog a multitude of commands that both of you can implement in your daily lives. When dogs understand what is being communicated to them by their owners, they are able to fulfill that genetic want to please. Simple commands—taught in a manner which builds drive to do more—are life changing for both the owner and dog.

Let us help you begin the quick journey to a new relationship for your entire family, including your dog!

We offer multiple ways to get you and your dog moving in a new direction.

It all starts with an evaluation. This allows us to see how your dog will respond to the best training curriculum. The eval takes about an hour at which time we will end with you having a full understanding of how our program works and what your cost will be in full.

WE COME TO YOU! Proven Dog Training will come to your house after the eval and teach you and your dog the base commands that we know make for happy days in your everyday life. This is a six-week course that allows you to stay at home while your dog learns with you. During this time, you and your dog will have homework to do every day (a couple times per day) between our weekly training sessions.

WE DO ALL THE WORK! Our most effective package teaching your dog a vast array of commands and we use that time to show the dog when and where to implement its new training. For the best results we highly recommend this package.

Group training is fun for bonding with your dog as well as making new friends. We have two levels of group classes (Intermediate and Advanced).

Intermediate is a great start to instilling commands into your dog. This set up for you to learn while one of our trainers show the entire class how to teach their dogs the command of the week. You will gain a lot of great knowledge while enjoying time with your dog.

Advanced is a chance to really sharpen your and your dog’s skills. You will get to really grow as a handler and trainer for your dog. Select handlers from the advanced class are chosen to help guide other students in the intermediate class while being offered a discount on advance classes.

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