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2-Week Board & Train | Puppy Classes

2-Week Board & Train Program

Our most popular program! Our 2-week board and train program is our most intensive obedience course, designed to build confidence and neutrality while utilizing structure and obedience. This training program is designed for puppies as young as 5 months old and more mature dogs, regardless of their age.

This program is ideal for dogs in need of obedience training and that display very little reactive behaviors (barking or lunging on a leash). We have spent years developing a program that builds confidence and neutrality using obedience and structure. We use real-life circumstances and environments to help your dog develop solid obedience as well as manners.

During this program, your dog will learn; sit, down, stay, go-to place, leave it command, come on command, door manners, food manners, crate training, and heeling on a leash. They will also learn how to greet people and be around other dogs while maintaining great obedience and manners.

During our socialization period, we will work with your dog within our facility, outside of dog parks, in stores, and parking lots—along with the other dogs currently in training. This helps to build neutrality within your dog.

Once your dog has completed training, one of our trainers will give you and your family a class, teaching you how to use your dog’s training and how to implement your dog’s training into your daily life, as well as teach you how to continue working with your dog. You will receive instructional videos that are specific to your dog to refer back to at any time. Our lifetime support gives you the opportunity to reach out with any questions you may have, and schedule one-on-one refresher training if needed.

For those wishing to have off-leash training, we offer an eCollar add on. Since we believe in training dogs at the lightest level possible, your dog learns the commands without the collar first ensuring he has a solid understanding of each command and desired behavior. We then use the eCollar to help refine each of the listed commands. The eCollar has a ½ mile radius, giving you the ability to let your dog roam, while periodically having him check in with a silent recall. You will also be trained to properly use the eCollar, which will be sent home with you.

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3-Week Puppy Training Class

Our 3-week, one-on-one puppy training course guarantees you get a solid base for future training with your dog. This course is designed for puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and 4 months old. During the first session, your trainer will go over some puppy-proofing ideas with you: how to keep your puppy safe and keep your things safe from your puppy, feeding, potty training, establishing general manners, and begin learning.

During the 3-week course, your puppy will learn leash manners, door manners, food manners, and the start of the proper structure needed to teach your pup how to coexist with you in your home. The trainer will work with you and your puppy, teaching you how to continue with training throughout the week. The program is designed to build each week off the previous week, so the more sessions you get in with your puppy, the more effective this program will be! This course can be completed in your home, at our facility, or via video call.

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