Puppy Training

Start Your Puppy Off In Life With A Strong Foundation In Obedience

Our Puppy Course is designed to help you establish boundaries, manners, and structure with your puppy while shaping wanted behaviors, redirecting unwanted behaviors, and building confidence; in order to get you both off to a great start for future training!  Since this course is a private lesson course, we are able to work with your schedule!

Your puppy may begin this course between the ages of 8 weeks and 16 weeks old.  The course is one class per week for an hour and allows time for you to ask any questions you may have and for your Proven Trainer to cover anything you may be struggling with.  


Are you interested in getting your dog professionally trained?


Our Puppy Course is 3 weeks long; one class per week; each class is 1 hour long.

Our Puppy Course addresses jumping, nipping, chewing on things that we are not supposed to, general puppy safety, basic leash manners, food manners, and door manners. 

Yes.  Our Puppy Course is a private lesson course, as it is unsafe to board your puppy at this age due to lacking necessary vaccinations.  It is imperative that you know how to work with your puppy between classes, in order for your puppy to be successful at home. 

During our Puppy Course, between classes, if you feel that you are struggling in any area, just reach out!  We will walk you through the struggle to help keep you and your puppy progressing through the program. 

Once your puppy is 18 weeks old, you may choose to continue training with Private Lessons or one of our Board and Train Programs.  If you choose one of our Board and Train Programs, we will apply a discount for completing our Puppy Course. 

We require all vaccines appropriate for the age of your puppy.  Our Puppy Course is indoors, in an area completely sanitized just prior to the puppy’s arrival for class and immediately following the class, in order to keep everyone safe. 

Your puppy will need a regular flat collar that fits properly, and a leash.  You are welcome to bring your dog’s favorite treats, but we have treats available as well!

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